Teresa von Illyes, Owner/ Broker

Teresa von Illyes, formerly Teresa McFarlin, was licensed in the real estate business in 1994 at 18 years old. She worked for a real estate appraiser in Arlington and then went to work for a premier real estate company in Fort Worth. At such a young age, it was difficult for Teresa to express her knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry. She was recruited by Banc One Mortgage as a loan officer to the Private Banking Division where her career soared. She quickly navigated her way up the totem pole and was assisting Fort Worth and Dallas' most elite clientele. In 2000, Teresa opened her own Mortgage Broker Company called Private Bankers Mortgage. She negotiated contracts with independent banks throughout the Fort Worth area to handle their mortgage referrals. At the same time, she became a licensed Real Estate Broker and opened Crest Real Estate. She also owned forty two rental properties which she leased and managed.
Market downturn and personal crisis caused Teresa to close the businesses and sell the rental properties. Teresa took a three year break from business to regroup, rest and restrategize. In 2008, Teresa opened and launched AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. from ground zero and without any clients . She reentered the market place at a very tumultuous time in the real estate market. Everyone told her she was crazy and to go work for the "big companies". Teresa is a tenacious business women and refused to listen to the nay Sayers.
AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. was launched with the idea of eventually becoming a franchise. The name can be used across the United States. Their subsidiary company, AMR International Properties services the global and International clients.
Teresa receives weekly calls from other real estate agents wanting to join the company, however, she prefers to hire staff that assists her directly in building the company and assisting the clients. She is a business woman through and through and constantly strives for success and victory.
Teresa has been recognized as Best Local Real Estate Agent, and the company was recognized as Best Local Real Estate Company. She is a Certified Commercial Expert, Certified Luxury Home Specialist, Certified Senior Specialist, Certified Property Manager, Certified Land Expert, certified New Construction Specialist, Certified Short Sale Expert and Certified Foreclosure Expert. Teresa has over 20 years in this industry and is 3rd Generation Realtor. No one will work harder for you!
Pricing your property is key. Teresa isn't a miracle worker and cannot get you hundreds of thousands more than your property is worth. The value is the value and seller expectations on unrealistic pricing is going to cause your property to sit on the market with no showings. Teresa's team can work day and night and spend thousands of dollars on marketing, but a property is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, or what the market report indicates. Overpricing your property only causes frustration to all parties and damage to the property from a buyer's perspective.
So, please let Teresa's knowledge and expertise guide you in the right direction when selling or buying a property. Years of experience and ups and downs can benefit you to a pathway of success!
Teresa is married to her husband Peter von Illyes who is also her partner at AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. They live in Fort Worth with their daughter Bree who attends All Saints Episcopal School. Teresa is a strong advocate for business Entrepreneurs, abused and battered women, homeless children and neglected animals. She is in the process of creating a foundation called Home Angles that will donate housing to the abused and neglected.

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