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Homesellers are winning in this hot Fort Worth real estate market. Multiple offers are common place now. In fact, buyer's agents are checking in with listing agents to see if homes are still available before even scheduling showings. Home sellers are receiving offers on properties "signt unseen". 

Frustrated investors have turned to buying homes right off the courthouse steps. A recent visit to the Tarrant County Courthouse on the first Tuesday in June 2016 enlightened me to how tight the housing market is and how competitive investors are seeking other avenues to purchase investment homes. The courthouse had hundreds of people roaming it's lawn and bidding wars were happening in all corners for pre-foreclosure properties. 

Investors flooded us with

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In looking at the statistics tonight for the Fort Worth housing market year to date in 2016 and the year end numbers of 2015, it may suprise many of you to know that the average sales price per home in the Fort Worth, Texas area was over $200,000. In fact, the average sales price was $207,000 with days on market of approximately 35 days. 

For those of you that think you are going to move to Fort Worth, Texas because housing is "cheap" and cost of living is lower, this may be news to you. Our real estate taxes run about 3.5% of your property value annually. Reports say we have over 400 families a week moving into our North Texas area. As a result, we are seeing restaurant prices increase, grocery prices increase, and just every day cost of living has

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Having been in the real estate business for over 20 years, I have never seen the market this hot! There are more than 400 families a week moving into our North Texas area and the market is hotter than it ever has been. Homes are going under the contract within days and usually multiple offers at over the asking price. The MLS is so tight for buyers looking at finding a home. Many buyers have to put mulitple contracts in on properties and still don't win the bid! Inventory is extremely low and prices for sellers are at their peak. If you are thinking about selling your home, regardless of the price range, call or email me today. Let me real estate market experience help you gain the most money for your home in a market that is in extremely high demand. I

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